News: Harfords Surface Technologies and F.W. Gartner sign contract to share cutting edge laser & other technologies!

Harford Surface Technologies are proud to announce the signing of the agreement with FW Gartner, a Houston, Texas based global leader in surface engineering solutions, to share technologies and marketing in the Australian market. Through this arrangement FW Gartner's ( key clients will have local W.A. access to cutting edge coating and laser cladding technology FW Gartner are recognized as industry leaders in the surface engineering field and their history is inseparable from the development of thermal spray processes for use in the mining, -oil and gas industries. Our relationship with FW Gartner will broaden our access to the very latest equipment,and technologies, in addition to and the all important know-how required to provide our clientele with cutting edge solutions to their surface engineering and component reclamation needs.

FW Gartner have followed a similar path to Harfords in our respective companies development and also remain a family owned business operating since 1923. In addition to the association with FW Gartner, we are currently upgrading our C.N.C. machining and grinding capacity for expansion and to complement the processes provided by FW Gartner.

This agreement is an exciting new chapter for both companies, particularly as Perth becomes a regional base for the global oil and gas industry as well as a one of the pre-eminent mining centers in the world. We welcome an opportunity to discuss the positive implications of having a local partner with access to world class knowledge, equipment, technologies and local contacts to get your job done, how you need it, when you need it and in the way you are familiar with. Harfords Surface Technologies remains a wholly owned Australian company.

Harfords with FW Gartner the right solution at the right time!

News: Harfords Surface Technologies and F.W. Gartner

Harfords Surface Technologies and F.W. Gartner are joining forces to deliver state of the art laser cladding services to West Australian and Australasian clients. Harfords have an unsurpassed name for quality and innovation in the West Australian market and have been in operation since 1954.

FW Gartner has built its reputation by providing unsurpassed surface engineering solutions to respond to the challenges facing its clients and partners since 1923 out of its Houston, TX facility.

For a number of years FW Gartner have been developing and perfecting commercial laser cladding applications for the mining, oil and gas and power generation industries. The move to laser is in part due to the huge increase in large projects that require the equipment supplied by the international OEMs. Many of these components require or could benefit from laser cladding. An association between our companies seemed like a perfect fit for getting the technology to the market in a mature form, quickly.

We are expecting to have the facility operational by July 2011 at the Canning Vale factory.

Laser Advantages

This technology allows for complete metallurgical bonding with minimal HAZ (heat affected zone) and dilution, along with a reduction in other undesirable side effects such as oxidation and decarburization. Unlike thermal spray processes, laser cladding can be used to recover, or even enhance, the mechanical properties of a component or substrate. The ability to clad/weld very thin sections, edges, and complex geometries with an overlay that is metallurgically superior to the substrate makes the previously impossible, possible!


  • Stainless steel alloys - 304, 316L, 410, 420
  • Corrosion resistant alloys - Hast-X®, 625, 718
  • Hardfacing alloys –
  • Stellite® 1, 6, 12, 20, 21
  • Colomonoy® 69, 88, Durum® 059, Triballoy®T-800, Triballoy®T-900
  • Tungsten carbide composites - 50%, 60%, 70% WC
  • Aluminum bronze

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