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Staying ahead of the curve and keeping pace with our client's requirements is a driving motivation at Harfords.To that end, we have embarked on several R & D Projects specifically designed to gain new techniques to produce high performance coatings that are hard, dense and inert. These techniques will have the ability to be applied to small or large components or small areas of large components, internal surfaces and complex shapes.

These techniques will also have the ability to be applied to our existing thermal spray coatings in order to enhance their physical properties. The micro porosity and fissures in Electrolytic Hard Chrome will be able to be filled.

New Technologies

Laser Cladding is a process whose time has come in W.A. and Australasia. As the limits of what can be applied with this system are broadened the applications increase exponentially. Whether it is the application of a metallurgically bonded Tungsten Carbide overlay with little or no heat effect to the substrate, or the application of metallurgically bonded Triballoy® T-800 to a pump sleeve exposed to extreme wear, heat and corrosion, nothing else can provide the full intended benefit of the material being applied like laser.

In addition, laser cladding allows the recovery of thin wall areas with material that is structurally superior to the substrate allowing reuse of parts that might otherwise have been scraped.

Get it from the Source

Harfords are arguably the most experienced company in Australia at implementing new thermal spray and other technologies. In Laser Cladding F.W. Gartner have an enviable reputation of developing real world applications with Laser cladding in production quantities. This gives them a depth of real world knowledge directly applicable to your worst problems. When using state of the art technologies like laser cladding, a question that should always come to mind is "how much experience does my provider have with this technology?".

Our association with F.W. Gartner means you get the full scope of their years of application knowledge from the outset of our use of the Laser Cladding system here in Perth. You can be confident with Harfords that our staff is trained with the equipment that the applications have been developed on. All staff training is carried out in our Perth facility by FWG staff.

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