White Metal Bearings

White Metal Bearings have been repaired at Harfords for 60 years.

With an extensive knowledge of the casting of white metals, Harfords have expertly trained, experienced and competent staff who provide a white metal service to our clients. An understating of the precision machining and fit up of bearings, correct bearing shell or housing crush and how a bearing operates in service is absolutely vital to a successful job.


White metal is not just a sacrificial surface to minimize damage of the adjacent surface during failure mode. It has other physical properties such as embed ability and conform-ability along with soft and hard phase in the micro-structure to impart an oil retaining film on the surface due to the existence of micro gullies. Antimony and Copper hard phases in the micro structure are designed to achieve a maximum wear life.

To achieve the proper formation and even dispersion of these hard phases throughout the finished casting, the cooling rate from the molten state to solidification needs specific control. Harfords cooling rate procedures ensure a premium quality casting and therefore maximum life of the bearing.



Components Repaired

  • Turbine shaft bearings
  • Turbine¬†crossover shaft bearings
  • Turbine main oil pump bearings
  • Feed pump bearings
  • Extraction pump bearings
  • I.D. fan bearings
  • Forced Draft (FD) bearings
  • Primary Air (PA) bearings
  • Circulation Water (CW) bearings
  • Ball mill main bearings
  • All turbine thrust pads
  • Boiler circulating pump thrust pads
  • Boiler feed pump thrust pads
  • Motor thrust pads
  • Thrust faces of special journal bearings


Repairing White Metal Bearings is a serious task, a level of assurance is vital, Harford’s provide an ultrasonic bond test certificate to A.S. 2824 1985 and Verve Energy SpecTSB SP198 Level E1, L1 and a conformity of materials certificate on every repair or new manufacture.

You can trust Harfords extensive knowledge and experience to get the job done, providing absolute peace of mind and the assurance of minimizing downtime.

Harfords are proud to offer the best advice and sevice for your next job.

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